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A platform for Oracle RightNow CX tools and utilities

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Introducing the CXDev Toolbox

The CXDev Toolbox is an extensible platform for tools and utilities that support the management, maintenance and development of an Oracle RightNow CX site. Toolbox utilities and tools provide features to System Administrators and Developers that are either missing from the core Oracle RightNow CX platform or only possible through a lengthy custom development effort.

The tool runs as a stand alone application on your desktop and accesses your Oracle RightNow CX site directly through the public Connect APIs. This direct API connection uses HTTPS to ensure that your data is protected, private and secure.


Installation via ClickOnce deployment

Install CXDev Toolbox

System Requirements

Oracle RightNow CX Site version Feb '12 or later

CX Site Account with SOAP API access (username/password authentication)

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5+

Available Tools and Utilities

Account Importer Icon Account Importer

One of the most requested missing features in Oracle RightNow CX – this utility creates Staff Accounts through a CSV file.

Account Unlock Icon Account Unlock

A tool for quickly viewing locked Staff Accounts. Unlock one or multiple accounts with a single click. Also allows for optional password resets.

ROQL Tester Icon ROQL Tester

Run ad-hoc queries using the RightNow Object Query Language (ROQL). Supports both tabular and object type queries.

PHP Stub Generator Icon PHP Stub Generator

Generate PHP stub classes w/ PHPDoc comments for RightNow ConnectPHP Core Objects and Custom Business Objects.

The CXDev Toolbox Vision

The CXDev Toolbox is the first step towards a platform for the development, distribution, and execution of packaged utilties and tools that otherwise have to be repeatedly created through custom development efforts.

The Toolbox of today includes three core tools that are useful to almost every System Administrator or Developer. The core Toolbox and the three tools are free, and will always be free.

The CXDev Toolbox of the future will feature:

  • A Marketplace with 100's of additional free and commercial Utilites and Tools
  • A SDK for developing your own custom Utilities and Tools that run inside of the CXDev Toolbox platform


Like what you see? Did one of the free tools save you hours of custom development? Consider contributing so that new features, tools and utilities can be added at a quicker pace.

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Future Tools and Utilities

The following Tools or Utilities are being considered for a future release.

PTA TesterGenerate and decode standard or encrypted PTA tokens
Object CleanerBulk delete database records using a ROQL query or Custom Report
Contact MergeCombine multiple contact records together, including sub-objects such as Incidents, Opportunities and CBOs
CBO CopierQuickly copy CBO records between two sites, such as a test site and production
Meta CompareCompare the database object structures between two sites. Confirm that Custom Fields, Custom Attributes and Custom Objects match up.

Help and Support

For guides on the operation of the Account Importer, Account Unlock or ROQL Tester tools, see these articles on

If you are experiencing technical issues with the CXDev Toolbox, encounter a bug, or have a feature suggestion, please let us know by posting a comment to this Discussion Thread: